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May 30, 2018


Grade 6


Guiding Question: Can humans make an impact or change the current rise of global warming and climate change?

Research Team: Dulce Hernandez, Emely Estrada, Paula Jimenez, Green House Project.

Research Team: Kamari Webster, Henry Rico, Mason Williams, Recycle for Life.


Grade 7


Guiding Question: How does climate change affect our local community?

Research Team: Raul Vallolobos, Victoria Rojo, Denise De La Torre, Jonathan Rodarte


Guiding Question: How does climate change affect people?

Research Team: Monica Sanchez, Honey Cruz, Guadelupe Sanchez, Emily Tejas


Guiding Question: What types of new communities are appearing because of climate change?

Research Team: Kelly Pinto, Jacquelin Sagaran, Alexander Posada, Brooklyn Franklin, Diana Flores, Jailyn Baker


Guiding Question: How does the public know and understand regarding climate change?

Research Team: Estrella Marquez, Luisa Obregon, Tiffany Malgar, Marisol Gutierrez, Florentino Moreno




Grade 8


Guiding Question: Is recycling a good solution to climate change?

Research Team: Salina Langer and Kimberly Lopez


Guiding Question: How are earthquakes related to climate change?

Research Team: Jonathan Macias and Yahir Hernandez


Guiding Question: How can we convince people to believe that climate change is real?

Research Team: Emily Rosales, Essence Dukes, Amber Navarro


May 29, 2018


Grade 3


Research Focus: Water Conservation.

Research Team: Joseph Barahona, Tristian Pamilton, Stella Sevilla, Sarah McBride, J’Sean Fanning, Jhonald Lopez, Syrahji Baker-Ross, Sympheny Heard, Jazmine Weber, Seniyah Engleton, Zoey Riley, Chloe Ford, Justin Coleman.


Grade 4


Research Focus: Earthquake Preparedness.

Research Team: Hazel Gomez, Izac Hernandez, Zaniyah Prince, Wily Barrios-Reed, Ian Brown, Madison Curry, Jamar Moseley, Wyatt Orr, Jayden Thomas, Kenady Montreuil, Enrique Marin, Kendra Duronte, Kristian Martin, Francine Chavez.


Grade 5


Research Focus: The Wetlands.

Research Team: Jayden Jiles, Gabriel Gonzalez, Ashley Serrano, Jordin Williams, Jayla Jones, Karla Martinez, Leyla Chavez, Caroline Batres, Eddie Durate, Cameron Jacquette, Sahara Aviles, Abigail Barragan.

May 17, 2017
Grade 6
Guiding Question: Is the Water in our Homes Healthy or Unhealthy?
Research Team: Keila Alvarez, Brianna Amezcua, Ana Anaya, Liseth Campos, Malyq Clark, Alyssa Herra, Tyreese Love, Raul Villalobos 
Teacher Facilitator: Mrs. Brooks
Grade 6
Guiding Question: To Drink or Not to Drink: Is Our Water Appropriate to Drink based on EPA Standards for Safe Drinking Water?
Research Team: Ja'Danee Williams, Anna Kennedy, Melissa Morris, Melissa Zaldivar, Josue Meraz, Eveny Rosales, Denise Delatorre, Victoria Rojo, Emarie Juarez, Haylie Cortez, Tiffany Melgar, Jocelyn Moreno, Jason Temple
Teacher Facilitator: Mr. Davis
Grade 8
Guiding Question: Does Eutrophication Exist in Our Community?
Research Team: Marvin Portillo, William Gonzalez, Jhanaya Shingleton, Julie Sandoval, Ashley Lopez, Brenda Soria, Kate Velasquez, Stephen De La Pena, David Guevara, Syre Baker, Daniela Perdomo, Freddy Domingo, Mayceo Flores, Axel Acevedo, Juan Ceja, Wilfredo Guitierrez, Anthony Rosillo, Christopher Rojo
Teacher Facilitator: Mr. Guesno
May 25, 2016
Grade 3
Title of Investigation: How can we help solve the problem of trash being dumped in the neighborhood and around our school, especially on Grand Avenue?
Research Team: Salvador Nunez, Promise Newton, Osbaldo Villenueava, Nyiema Collier, Kyler Panton, Jayden Jiles
Teacher Facilitators: Mrs. Collins Ms. Sima, & Ms. Smith

Grade 4
Title of Investigation: How can we reduce waste in the community in order to minimize or eliminate curbside garbage on the streets?
Research Team: Jair Coria, Evelynn Cornejo, Mikalah Douglas, Aileen Escalante
Teacher Facilitators: Ms. Francis & Mr. O’Daniel

Grade 5
Title of Investigation: How do we involve the whole community in neighborhood clean-up using an outreach plan?
Research Team: Malaysia Lampley, Edmund Matthews Harold Munoz, Kylah Warren, Judea Watkins, Aniyah Wilridge
Teacher Facilitators: Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Von der Lancken

Grade 6
Title of Investigation: Why Do People Bully Other People?
Argument: Bullying does not just happen in person. Even when it isn't physical it still involves using power to intimidate or harm another person. Bullying can even be not letting someone participate with the group to make them feel bad.
Research Team: Alliyah Sanchez, Yahir Escudero, Jim Antonio Ray & Melanie Caceres
Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Murray


Grade 6

Guiding Question: How can we reduce the number of stray dogs in our community?

Title of Investigation: Abandoned dogs in our community

Central Argument: Dogs and cats should be spayed and neutered because it is healthier for them and makes them less aggressive and less stray animals on the streets will need to find homes.

Research Team: Angel Visencio, Sezar Navejar, Damien Farias, Uriel Nieto, Noelly Acevedo, Jason Salamanca, Sadie Robinson

Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Daniels


Grade 6

Guiding Question: Why are our fellow students harming themselves and why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?

Title of Investigation: They hurt I hurt myself

Central Argument: Schools are not aware or supporting students that are harming themselves even though the majority of the situations that are caused on campus.

Research Team: Salina Langer, Bianca Cobbs, Makayle Nichols

Teacher Facilitator: Mr. Davis


Grade 7

Guiding Question: How can we change the culture of our school as it relates to bullying?

Title of Investigation: Empowering bullies through therapy

Central Argument: Therapy can be used to address some of the underlying causes of bullying behavior

Student Research Team: Isaiah Collier, Dayanara Cortez Lopez, Yammilet Montez, Brenda Soria, Simone Williams

Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Edwards


Grade 7

Guiding Question: Are there healthy food restaurant choices in my community?

Title of Investigation: Using mathematical reasoning to solve problems

Central Argument: Health food options exist in our community, however this depends on one’s choices.

Student Research Team: Kate Velasquez, Citlaly Adams, Catheryn Lopez

Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Parsee


Grade 7

Guiding Question: What are solutions we can use to keep the school restrooms clean?

Title of Investigation: School restrooms

Central Argument: If students care about the school than the cleanliness of restrooms should be reflected accordingly

Student Research Team: Axel Acevedo, Steven De La Pena, Brianna Penaloza-Cruz, Jnanya Shingleton

Teacher Facilitator: Mrs. Valentine

Grade 7
Title of Investigation: Do Drugs Hurt Our Community?
Argument: Drugs that are useful to humanity can also be harmful to mankind.
Research Team: Myani Oates, Destiny Lopez & Kiara Stafford
Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Williams

Grade 8

Guiding Question: Why should we address social inequality in our community and society?

Title of Investigation: Social inequality

Central Argument: Social inequality creates different experiences for everyone.

Student Research Team: Jakobe Staton, Diego Garcia, Mar’Karjae Pugh, Claudia Cabrera, Samantha Villa

Teacher Facilitator: Mr. Conde

Grade 8
Title of Investigation: Are Anti-Bully School Programs Effective?
Argument: Anti-Bullying programs are expected to have a positive impact on reducing bullying in our schools. It is possible that students will learn acts of bullying they didn't know about before by watching anti-bullying, anti-violence films?
Student Research Team: Stephanie Ayala, Blanca Vivas, Natalie Ayala & Josimar Organista
Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Johnson

Grade 8

Guiding Question: Are illegal drugs more accessible to students in our community?

Title of Investigation: Illegal drugs within reach

Central Argument: Children in low-income communities have easy access to drugs

Student Research Team: Jentoria Lee, Imunique Young, Abril Bolainz, Jeffrey Guzman, Brandon Ramirez

Teacher Facilitator: Ms. Aguirre-Wasser