Our Approach » Dialogue



To engage in dialogue means that people are engaged in reciprocal interaction and communication of ideas. For this to occur, the notion of respect is mutual. Every person brings value. To this end, a critical marker to understanding the substance of learning in schools is located in the qualities of interaction and dialogue.


At the Watts Learning Center, we are concerned with shifting paradigms and narratives. We are interested in changing the narrative about the Watts community and residents.


However, this process begins with introspection, analysis and examination of our perspectives and thinking. Dialogue is important. Our children need continuity of learning in our schools and a critical marker is the substance of dialogue that our children engage in on a daily basis.


Our children need opportunities and guidance to develop an informed perspective and to have the confidence to explain the basis upon which their perspectives have been formed as a thinking person in the world.


This is true for our professional staff and stakeholders.