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WLC Commitment to Students and Alumni


The WLC is committed to developing strategies that advance & preserve our tradition as a “World Class” Institution of Learning



World Class Institutions of Learning:


  • Honor a long-term commitment to its graduates
  • Know and celebrate the life stories, successes and accomplishments of its graduates
  • Maintain a strong presence and active participation among graduates to further the vision and traditions of the institution into the future



WLC Commitment to Students and Families


  1. Develop an image and description of the WLC graduate and a strategy for its use
  2. Determine what our commitment to graduates could be and how we will honor it
  3. Develop strategy for monitoring and increasing the transition rate from 5th to 6th grade
  4. Determine how we can improve communication with Alumni
For all questions or information regarding the WLC Alumni Committee, please email us at:

[email protected]

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