Watts Learning Center

The Watts Learning Center (WLC) will be a world-class, child-centered, K-8 institution of learning with strong ties to families and the community

Developing World Citizens: WLC International Travelers

Water Quality: Planning and Carrying Out Real-World Investigations

Communicate Effectively, Think Creatively, Work Collaboratively, Solve Problems

Articulating Informed Perspectives on International Problems with Community

Inquiry + Investigation + Research = Defining and Solving Real-World Problems

WLC Leadership and Supporters

Fostering Habits of Mind and Reasoning to Solve Problem

Meaningful and Productive Dialogue for Continuous Learning

WLC Alumni: Aaron Chism, Morehouse College Alumni & Mr. Fisher, Bd. President

Learner-Driven Inquiry = Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

WLC Elementary Campus

Our Commitment: WLC Students and Learning

Providing Children and Families with a World Class Education

Providing Children with Experiences and Exposure for a Lifetime

WLC Alumni: Fallon & Mary Griffin, UC Berkeley Alumni & Enrolled in Law School

Fostering Particular Habits, Commitments and Responsibilities for Leadership

Designing Models and Solutions to Improve the Community

Preparing Every Child to Read on Grade Level for Understanding

A Culture of Mutual Respect and Continuous Learning For Every Child