Watts Learning Center

The Watts Learning Center (WLC) will be a world-class, child-centered, K-8 institution of learning with strong ties to families and the community

Lottery Applications


Watts Learning Center Charter School (WLCCS) holds an annual student lottery in order to enroll new students.  The lottery is typically held in mid- January of the school year prior to the first date school begins.  In order to be included in the lottery drawing you must submit a complete and accurate application by the application deadline.  Any applications received after the lottery date will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist in the order received.

The lottery drawing is used to fill available spaces for enrollment in grades K-5.  After the available spaces are filled, the remaining names go onto a waiting list that will be used to fill spaces if current students transfer out of WLCCS.

Sibling preference: WLCCS and its families benefit from our keeping families together.  For this reason, WLCCS offers an admissions sibling preference.  A sibling is defined as a biological or legally adopted brother or sister who lives in the same household as the current WLCCS student.  To receive sibling preference, parents or guardians must bring a completed sibling form to WLCCS during the Lottery process dates (January through March) of the year prior to when you wish your child to begin school.

Waiting List: WLCCS maintains a waiting list for all grades.  To make sure all children are treated fairly, we use the following process:

  • Assign a number to each child that submitted an application before the lottery.
  • A copy of the completed form will be given to you with your child's assigned lottery number.
  • The date/time/location of the public lottery will be announced in March.  While the lottery is a public event, you are not required to attend.
  • Once the lottery is completed, you can see your child's position on the waiting list by visiting our website (wattslearningcenter.org) or you can call our offices at 323-754-9900.
  • Enroll children into a class as space becomes available, starting with siblings of current WLCCS students and then children with the lowest waiting list number for each grade.
  • Call your home or send an acceptance letter to inform you of your child's acceptance.

If your child is on our waiting list, please be patient.  We typically do not know about any available space until the end of June or later in the summer.  To make sure we can get in touch with you, please update us regarding any changes in address, email or phone number.

WLCCS does not keep waiting lists from year to year.  If your child is still interested in attending WLCCS, you must resubmit a completed application each winter for the upcoming school year.