Watts Learning Center

The Watts Learning Center (WLC) will be a world-class, child-centered, K-8 institution of learning with strong ties to families and the community

Student Life

Watts Learning Center Charter Middle School              

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WLCCMS Attendance Policy

Homework Policy

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Extracurricular Activities

WLC Student Travel Program
Girls of Destiny
Running Club

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Student Creed

We believe

We are the young Men and Women of Watts Learning Center Charter Middle School

We are college bound

We are exceptional- not because we say it, but because we work hard at it

We will not falter in the face of any obstacle placed before us.

We are dedicated, committed and focused.

We never succumb to mediocrity, uncertainty or fear

We never fail because we never give up

We make no excuses

We choose to live honestly, non-violently and honorably

We respect ourselves and, in doing so, respect all people

We have a future for which we are accountable

We have a responsibility to our families, community and world

We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers

We believe in ourselves

We believe in each other

We believe in Watts Learning Center

Charter Middle School



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Student Wellness


Clubs & Activities

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