Watts Learning Center

The Watts Learning Center (WLC) will be a world-class, child-centered, K-8 institution of learning with strong ties to families and the community

Welcome to Watts Learning Center Charter Middle School


Director's Message

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, and Community Members:

I would like to welcome you to our 2018-2019 academic school year. My name is Mr. Miguel Gamboa, I am the new Principal at Watts Learning Center Middle School. I am committed to continue to execute the WLCMS mission and vision of preparing college-ready students through high-quality college preparatory classes.

I am a Los Angeles native. My parents migrated to L.A from Mexico, and from a young age, they instilled diligence and perseverance in my character. I grew-up in a gang-infested neighborhood, but fortunately, I found an escape through education. After I graduated from high school, I served five years in the United States military. Furthermore, I received my Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State and my Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Loyola Marymount University. After seeing a small percentage of inner city youth become successful through education, I decided to make a difference in my community and become a teacher to help more students become prepared to enter four-year universities. As evidenced by my educational background, I strongly believe in lifelong learning and its ability to shape, transform and strengthen individuals. I have a proven track record for improving student achievement and know exactly what it takes for all students to be successful. I will tell your child three things everyday. They will be expected to respect themselves and others, they will be asked to give 110% effort everyday and they will be told that I love them! 

As I begin my thirteen year as an educator, I will work diligently to ensure that WLCMS students receive quality instruction, literacy, and college preparation: 
  • I am committed to working with parents to help their child grow intellectually and socially.
  • I am committed to working with teachers to help grow their instructional practices.
  • I am committed to encourage and motivate students to take advantage of all the opportunities that WLCCMS offers them.
I look forward to working with all stakeholders!

Mr. Miguel Gamboa
We are proud to offer a "World-class Education" in the inner-city of Watts, for the heart of our community, our children, with the sole purpose of inspiring them to see their full academic potential, and cultivating within them a culture of love for learning.
We focus on creating an environment where our students seek to be high academic achievers. We build our students with confidence and endurance, teaching and encouraging strong work habits towards as they strive for their dreams. We encourage them to be lifelong learners. We cultivate a system of ethics around them so they will become role models and leadersin their communities and among their peers.
We cater to educating the whole student -fostering mindful academic curriculum and content; urging critical thinking and problem-solving skills; encouraging respectful peer to peer, friend and adult relationships. Through academia, athletics, and extracurricular activity we provide a model of education that develops the student holistically, with a voice to stand for what is right towards growing positive and progressive neighborhoods.
At Watts Learning Center Charter Middle School, Falcons will A.C.H.I.E.V.E.


Read WLCCMS' Mission, Vision and History

ID & Fall Picture Day!!!
Tuesday, August 21st 
Look your best in school uniform! See advisory teachers for a picture envelope. Must be in school uniform. 




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(323) 565-4800 or (323) 750-5051

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WLCCMS is committed to serving healthy meals at appropriate times and ensuring students have adequate time to eat. To that end:


❖ Breakfast will be served in the classroom daily during student’s advisory class.

❖ Lunch will be scheduled in the middle of the day for a 35 minute period.

School bathrooms are open during the school day to provide students with ready access for hand-washing prior to eating.


Healthy Snacks

We are asking children to bring healthy snacks that fortify their brain power.  Please do not allow your child to bring hot chips, gum, candy, or soda for snack. These are not foods on the LAUSD list of healthy foods.