Executive Director

Executive Director



I am excited to join the Watts Learning Center, a K-8 Institution with a collective commitment to provide a World Class Education for the long-term benefit of our children and families, the Watts community, and the society.


In our schools, we are engaged in continuous forward movement and thinking to build upon our tradition and record of outstanding student performance of the past. In our schools, the commitments we maintain are much more than just outstanding student performance…. We are committed to the socialization of our children and to making global citizens!


Our graduates are particular people… who think in particular ways, who are ethical, who are self-confident, who have an agency about themselves and who understand how to learn, who possess the tools of language to perceive, describe and interpret their experiences and the world around them.


Our assurance to this vision and image is based on the commitment of our professional staff in our schools to this work. We are engaged in continuous thinking and learning, reimagining education! We are making the ‘Watts Learning Center Way.’ At its core, every child in our schools is known and understood, respected and valued as an independent thinking person.


Accordingly, my commitment is to our children and families, the Watts Community, and to learning itself. We are committed to fostering the conditions in our schools for collaboration and collective participation among our children, families, teachers and staff and the community. Our goal is to advance the quality and substance of learning for every child in our schools, consistent with a World Class Education!


This moral commitment has been the basis of my career and is grounded in principles of democracy and learning, as well as working with principals and teachers to improve the conditions for learning in P-12 schools in different places over time.


Over 100 years ago, John Dewey made a number of observations about children and learning that remain consistent today in excellent schools:


  • The child is the starting point, the center and the end
  • Subject matter can never be got into the child from without
  • All knowledge is the product of special acts of inquiry


In conclusion, I look forward to working together to advance learning for every child with verifiable evidence.




Jared R. Lancer