Watts Learning Center

The Watts Learning Center (WLC) will be a world-class, child-centered, K-8 institution of learning with strong ties to families and the community


About Us

Director's Message
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”-Gandhi
Welcome to the Watts Learning Center!
The Watts Learning Center is a temple of learning, where students, teachers, parents, and staff maintain high expectations which encourage children to grow into productive citizens with a passion for lifelong learning. It is truly my honor to serve the children and community of the Watts Learning Center.
We have a rigorous academic program that prepares students for the 21st century with a world-class education. Our hands-on, standards-based curriculum provides students with an integrated approach to learning with literacy as the foundation.
In addition to a strong focus on the core curriculum, students must also acquire the skills necessary to become collaborative workers, effective communicators, community contributors, and complex thinkers. We believe in setting high expectations and providing children with a nurturing, safe, and supportive learning environment.
The success of our school community depends upon the collaboration, commitment, and involvement of parents, students, teachers, and community members. We know that our families are an essential part of our school community, as they are our children’s first teachers. We believe they are our most valuable resource in helping our students to succeed. We know that collaborative decision making with strong staff and parent involvement make our school a dynamic place to learn and work.
We have embraced the African proverb that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
We welcome you all into our village.
Mrs. Kelly Baptiste, Director


Our Values

Achievement- The result gained by effort. The quality or quantity of something that has been done as a result of hard work. The end of the journey is reached by moving ahead. Ovambo
Commitment- An agreement or promise to do something in the future. To be loyal to someone or something. Do not vacillate or you will be left in between doing something, having something, and being nothing. Ethiopian
Community- A group of people with a common or same interest living or working together. It takes a whole village to raise a child. Igdo Yoruba
Respect- A feeling of understanding that someone or something is important and valued. Respect must be paid on both sides. Zulu
Acceptance- The act of allowing one’s self to receive someone or something without judgment. Accept the weather as it comes and people as they are. Haitian
Integrity- The state of being honest and fair. One who tells the truth makes no mistakes. Swahili


Executive Summary School Accountability Report Card
This executive summary of the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is intended to provide parents and community members with a quick snapshot of information related to individual public schools. For additional information about the school, parents and community members should review the entire SARC or contact the school principal or the district office.